Workshop Hyperintensionality and Creatures of Fiction, Myth, and Religion with Daniel Nolan (13 October 2022)

Registration: Attendance is free (in person/ online). Please register by writing an email to

The workshop is generously supported by the University of Oxford project "New Horizons for Science and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe" and by the Slovak Philosophical Association.

A discussion with Marián Zouhar about divine names (18 August 2022)

A seminar with B. Jespersen (21 February 2022)

A hybrid workshop Names in Religious Discourse

(28 October 2021)

A talk by Daniela Glavaničová on Tichý's individuals, roles, and concepts, and their application in the analysis of fictional discourse.

A talk by Marie Duží on St. Anselm's ontological agruments as reconstructed in Tichý's Transparent intensional logic.

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