and work in progress


  • Duží, M., Jespersen, B. (forthcoming). Transparent quantification into hyperpropositional attitudes de dicto. Forthcoming in Linguistics and Philosophy.
  • Číhalová, M., & Duží, M. (2022). Modelling dynamic behaviour of agents in a multiagent world: Logical analysis of Wh-questions and answers. Logic Journal of the IGPL.
  • Glavaničová, D. (2022). A Heretical Defence of the Unity of Form and Content. Estetika.
  • Glavaničová, D., Pascucci, M. (2022). Making Sense of Vicarious Responsibility: Moral Philosophy Meets Legal Theory. Erkenntnis.
  • Duží, M., & Fait, M. (2021). A hyperintensional theory of intelligent question answering in TIL. In Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence-NLPinAI 2020 (pp. 69-104). Springer, Cham.

Work in progress

Marie Duží, Miloš Kosterec, and Daniela Glavaničová are working in a collaboration on the application of Transparent intensional logic (TIL) in religious discourse.

Daniela Glavaničová is working on a book that applies several notions from Tichý's ontology (individuals, individual roles, requisites, and individual concepts) in philosophy of fiction.

Miloš Kosterec is preparing a book on formal explorations of TIL.

Martin Vacek is preparing a book on metaontology.

* pictures in this section have been 'painted by' an artificial intelligence using prompts 'Transparent intensional logic' and 'construction', two crucial building blocks of the present project *

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